Ripcord Speedloader

The most minimal, and reliable speedloader on the market.

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CK Tactical is excited to introduce the Ripcord Speedloader™ for revolvers. From the start CKT's engineering goal was to design a highly concealable, ultra reliable speedloader of rugged construction. And of course it had to be easy to use and super fast. After months of designing and tweaking the many prototypes that were made the Ripcord Speedloader™ delivers on all accounts. The flexible nature of the Ripcord Speedloader™ lends itself to work across a wider range of revolver models than speedloaders were previously capable of. Simply load the rounds into the cartridge retaining clips of the Ripcord Speedloader™ (works best with jacket bullets of pointed or round nose design). Close the latch to form the circle. Insert the speedloader into the open revolver cylinder. It's ok to apply pressure to the back of the loader to accommodate a range of cylinder dimensions. The Ripcord Speedloader™ will flex to allow the bullets to be seated at least 3/4 into the cylinder at which point you grip (palm down) and pull the curved finger tab confidently with one continuous motion. There is no extra jiggling or manipulating the speedloader to get the rounds to load. Our patent pending design also prevents the speedloader from coming apart or losing rounds while being carried. Even it were to become unclasped it will still reliably load the cylinder. On top of that it is an extraordinary value as we include two Ripcord Speedloader™ in every package.

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Veteran Owned & Operated | Made In The USA

Flexible Design

The flexible nature of our product allows it to fit in to more revolvers models than speedloaders were previously capable of.

Two For The Price Of One

Each Ripcord Speedloader package contains two speedlaoders for $10

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